What comprises a successful educational science YouTube video?: the optimization of YouTube videos’ educational value through the analysis of viewer behavior and development via machine learning.


Educational videos on digital platforms are an attractive source of learning, especially for the young generation, as they provide easy, personalisable access to a wide variety of learning content. Because of the possibility for simplified explanations and visual demonstrations, educational videos are highly suitable for scientific content. With 400 hours of video content uploaded per second, YouTube is the most used video platform with user-generated content worldwide. But what comprises a successful educational science YouTube video?

For an initial insight we developed a questionnaire, which was spread via various German YouTube science channels. Over 5.000 people participated. One of the main findings was, that there are five factors, which define a successful educational video. They are: (i) structure of the video, (ii) quality of content, (iii) style of presenter and presentation, (iv) interaction with the viewer community, and (v) the choice of topics. Combined with related answers a cataloge with 16 rules was created, which should help YouTube creators produce their videos. Also we started the Edu Media Lab at the university of cologne, where we analyse the viewing behaviour of students, while watching science YouTube videos. This way we want to validate our rules and get a deeper understanding, how YouTube videos work.




This video explains the idea of the study






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