Lectures, keynotes and workshops

How can digitization succeed? What should digital learning look like? Science communication via social media - is that possible? What can artificial intelligence do and what not? What is credible information? I talk about these questions in front of an audience of millions on YouTube, and I also do research on this topic at the University of Cologne. I pass on this knowledge in lectures, keynotes and workshops.

The audience can range from start ups, to grad students, to a hall of hundreds, to a school class. As with YouTube, I break down the information so that everyone can understand it. My workshops are accompanied by collateral materials, such as a template for creating videos and a rulebook, so that lasting effects remain.

The whole thing can take place digitally or in real life on site.



Getting people excited about complex topics is crucial when it comes to imparting knowledge, because learning is work, but this work can be fun. Dry topics can be livened up through wit, reference to everyday life and illustrations with experiments.


Topics such as the energy transition or artificial intelligence are very complex. It is therefore all the more important that they are explained in an understandable way. Only if you really understand a topic can you explain it simply and thus offer everyone access to it. For this reason, my team and I invest a large part of our working time in research.

If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me.