With science you can explain the world to yourself!

Through the Internet, it is accessible to everyone. This is one of the greatest achievements of our time and an important step toward equal opportunities.

YouTube Views

My name is Jacob Beautemps. I did my Master of Education in Physics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne, where I am now writing my doctorate. My goal is to get young people excited about science. I was able to do that behind the camera in programs like "1, 2 or 3" (ZDF), "Nachsitzen" (RTL) and "stern TV" (RTL).

Since 2018 I have been standing in front of the camera and try to get in contact with people even more directly through my YouTube channel Breaking Lab, which I produce together with the production company i&u TV. I try to make topics of the future or current events tangible and explain them with a scientific approach.

My motto is based on an (alleged) quotation of Einstein. "If you can't explain something easily, you haven't understood it." With technical terms everyone can throw around, but to convey a sense, that is the true art.


Moderation, Keynotes, Vorträge und Workshops

In addition to my work on YouTube, I am also a regular guest on shows such as "Stern TV", "5 gegen Jauch", "ZDF Fernsehgarten" or "Die Selbstversucher". I also give talks, workshops and moderate events. The different formats can be found here.

If there is any interest in collaboration, you can contact me via my contact form at the bottom of the page.   


What does a successful video on YouTube actually look like? In the context of a survey I conducted with over five thousand participants, I was able to identify 17 rules for a successful YouTube video. I published the rules clearly, in the form of a short catalog, for free on the Internet. You can find the complete catalog here.

At the University of Cologne I am doing research on "Learning with Videos" and I am also the scientific director of the "Edu Media Lab". You can find out more here.

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